Glenn Beck’s Historic Landmark Anniversary Speaking Tour

After “accidentally” holding a rally on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, Glenn Beck has decided to go on an international speaking tour where he’ll desecrate the anniversaries of famous historic events by holding horrible, hate-filled rallies on the spot these famous events occurred. Here is his tour schedule so far:

February 23rd: Iwo Jima

June 4th: Tienanmen Square, China

June 6th: Normandy, France

August 1st: Warsaw, Poland

August 6: Hiroshima (“Blow away those secular progressives”)

November 19th: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

November 22nd: Dallas, Texas

July 21st: The Moon


By Andrew Cass, Hal Dworkin, and Desmond Nathanson

Photoshopping by Doug Dooling