Phroth Phest Preview

All right all of you Phroth Phans. You know about the magazine, the Phollegian and obviously the blog, but have you heard of Phroth Phest? It is our annual sketch comedy and it is being performed this week. Every year, we team up with the No Refund Theater and put on a free show where they perform the sketchers that we write. Past years sketches have featured frat girls harassing innocent boys to get into their house, children’s choir performing a Roe vs. Wade musical, and Father Time bitching about how little time he has. Who knows who is going to show up this year? Spoiler Alert: you will! So come on down to 111 Forum this Thursday Friday or Saturday at 8 p.m. for some balls-out hilarity.

This years cast:

Sara Costantino
Colin Farley
Alexa Fox
Brittany Klein
Rhiannon McClintock
Samuel Desmond Nathanson
Max Simone
Travis Czap

Directed by Matt Radow
Assistant Directed by Hal Dworkin