10 Things Phroth Found Funny in March

1. JC is JC

This blogger theorizes that James Cameron, director of Avatar and Titanic, is actually Jesus Christ, legendary son of god, etc, etc. She has a website which outlines her scientific proof which includes a comparison of their resumes, something about Cameron’s semen, and Discovery Channel TV special. In short, it is…hilarious.

2. A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever

In my humble opinion this movie was thoroughly overrated, but that one guy in it was the bomb.

3. Barbie Furries @ CrappyTaxidermy.com

This is one of those instances of a picture speaking a thousand words. In this case, those thousand words are “HOLYSHITWTFBBQ!!!!1?/!” repeated a thousand times.

4. Woman Aims to Become the World’s Fattest Woman

(What we assume Lori Beth Denberg from “All That” looks like now)

There are a handful of things that you can be the “best” at that actually make you the worst. Take this woman, for example she gets a few prizes: worst health, worst method of transportation (give you a clue, it’s not walking), and worst way of making money (it involves the Internet, and not the good side of it.)

5. Lion King Toy Fail

The video title is sorely mistaken. If you go down to Canal Street in Chinatown, NY and get the “limited edition” Lion King from Rico (tell him we sent you) the DVD you get is about 95% identical to this toy.

6. Gun-Mounted Gun

Any testosterone-charged NRA member can tell you that great things come in pairs: boobs, hands, your balls. But for too long they have suffered with only one pathetic fully automatic rifle. How we’re supposed to kill terrorists with such a crippling handicap has been a cause of many a sleepless night. Well, they can sleep soundly now, as now your rifle can have a mounted handgun. Now you can take out Osama bin Laden with one gun as you plow through health care reform with the other. The second amendment has never felt so empowering!

7. Ben Folds Does Chatroulette at a Concert

Dear reader, this is the Chatroulette to beat all Chatroulettes. The Internet can retire now, because this is its peak.

8. Gary Oak’s Raticate, we hardly knew ye


This new perspective on Pokemon Red/Blue will open your eyes and hearts to the rival’s plight. Never again will you gloat as your Venusaur solar beams his Charizard into submission.

9. Run Jesus Run (or The 10 Second Gospel)


Sleep through Sunday School? Raised Jewish? Vote Democrat? Don’t worry, your sins can be absolved in 10 seconds or less! Who needs holy cleansing when you’ve got online gaming?

10. Japanese Comedians Impersonate 80’s American Singers, Cover “We Are The World”

When was the last time the Boss sounded this good?