New Trends in Facebook Memes

If you use Facebook, you’re probably aware of the fads on the site, whether it be changing your profile picture to a celebrity that looks like you or tagging friends in a picture of cartoon characters. Here are some things you can expect to do in coming months to remain a part of the herd:

-Tagging friends in a picture of the Last Supper (I’m totally a Peter!)

-Sending nude photos of yourself to friends

-To celebrate tax season, post your current bank balance, account number, and credit card pin number in your status.

-For the month of April, changing your name to that of your favorite Civil War general

-Tag all your friends on a picture of a baseball diamond based on how far you’d like to get with each of them. (first base, second base, etc.)

-Inappropriately Liking Things Month! Liking any of your friends’ melodramatically depressing statuses, as well as liking party pictures of people you don’t know that well. Bonus points if your friend posts anything about a deceased relative and/or pet.

-“25 Things I Know About You,” a meme detailing the things you’ve learned about your friends through Facebook stalking.

-Cold Turkey Challenge, wherein you see who amongst you and your friends can go the longest without checking any of their Facebook games. Anybody who kills themselves over being unable to harvest their Farmville crops automatically loses. Bonus points if you ‘Like’ their suicide note.

-Find Your Sexual Predator Week! A week of finding the mugshot on the Megan’s Law website that looks the most like you! … or the one that’s of you.


By Matt Woodward, Rebecca Eisenberg and Jeremy Popkin