10 Things Phroth Found Phunny in November


1. Article: “New Theories in Boob Murder” [source: wearecentralpa.com]

This is actually just a news story about the murder of some guy named Samuel Boob, but for the five glorious seconds before learning that in this case, “boob” is a dead guy’s last name…your inner twelve-year-old’s imagination can run wild.


2. This picture:


We don’t really have a comment for this one…the image alone is hilarious enough.


3. Article: “NY Family is Pussy Whipped” [source: NYPost.com]


This article about a NY family held captive in their home by their own cat starts with “What a CAT-astrophe!” and ends with “I just don’t want people to think she’s a bad cat.” Everything in between is just pure, pun-filled comedy gold.


4. The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody

The cutest version of this song ever.

If you want proof that Phroth does not always take the cynical, snarky perspective on everything, this would be it.


5. The Bloodninja Archives (NSFW)

Bloodninja is the AIM alias of an internet genius who trolled the web messing with people who were looking for a quick cybersex hookup. The logs themselves are hilarious — most notably, there is a moment in which he tells his partner that he has “just popped like 16 boners” and another in which he accidentally talks to the same person twice — but even more hilarious are the things he gets his victims to do or say in the process. Definitely worth checking out for a good laugh.


click here to read the rest of the Bloodninja archives.


6. The Oatmeal: How Twilight Works



This analysis of Twilight is written better than the book itself… not that that’s saying much.


7. Article: “Gay-bashing Woman Humiliated for Wearing Hideous Skirt” [source: thefbomb.org]


Homosexuality is a sin, but we think the real sinner is the woman in the ugly ass skirt. God weeps at those.


8. New Moon (In a Minute)

Comparing making fun of Twilight to shooting fish in a barrel grossly understates the precision and focus required to shoot said fish in said barrel.


9. Elizabeth Lambert vs BYU (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor)

This girl needs to get laiiiiiiiiid.


10. Autocompleteme.com

You know how Google likes to guess what you’re searching for as you type? A lot of times, yes, Google guesses right. But sometimes Google is wrong and the results are hilarious. Autocompleteme.com is a blog featuring some of the best, funniest, and weirdest results people have come across while surfing the web.



Until next time, LET MIRTH PREVAIL!