10 Things Phroth Found Phunny in June


1. Awkward Family Photos



Just hope you don’t find your family on here…

Phrothie says: This page is DOMINATED by the Bonaduce family.

2. The Internet of the Future…From the Past!

Tom Brokaw breaks down the internet for a naive early 90’s audience. Why is it that what the internet could do in the 90’s is way cooler than what it can do now? Virtual shopping malls? Synching your watch with your computer? This is straight up Jetsons.

3. 30 Rock is a rip-off of the Muppet Show


http://bloglynch.blogspot.com/2009/06/3 … -show.html

In related news, Rock of Love is totally a rip-off of the Discovery Health Channel’s special on gonorrhea.

Phrothie says: Itchy!

4.  Soccer Fan Can’t Eat Ice Cream

Soccer Fan Can’t Eat Ice Cream – Watch more Funny Videos

He got fat by absorbing treats, not eating them.

Phrothie says: Calories by osmosis!

5. Girl Takes Soft Ball to the Face


(closest pic we could find)


Made hilarious by the sound effect.

6. Website Story

College Humor presents a musical about the Internet!

7. Voices That Care

A benefit song from the first Gulf War the makes “We Are the World” look like “Don’t They Know it’s Christmas?” The song includes such megastars as Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, the Nelson Twins, Kenny G, Will Smith, Gary Busey and Fred Savage singing in beautiful, glorious harmony (except for Will Smith; he raps for some reason). It’s like the ’27 Yankees of music if the ’27 Yankees were a group of talentless hacks who were inconceivably popular in 1991.

8. Web Soup on G4


Okay, this isn’t something we’re making fun of here. This is the latest and funniest Soup spinoff so far (beating out Sports Soup and The Dish) which stars Chris Hardwick (www.nerdist.com) and makes fun of some of the best and worst viral videos out there on the interwebz. It might not be The Soup but it’s definitely worth checking out.

9. Conan Deceives Old People, Hilarity Ensues

Conan goes undercover to see what old people think of his show. What follows is a solid eight minutes of old people calling Conan a sexual deviant.

10. I Park Like an Idiot



If you’re sick of jackasses who take up two parking spaces with their gas-guzzling SUVs, morons who park diagonally across multiple spaces, jerks who park halfway onto your brand new boat, or assholes who crash through your backyard fence to park on your property, then this site is for you.

Phrothie Says: In the state of New Jersey, this site is accessed simply with the url “ipark.com”

Stay tuned for funny July things!


  1. Brandon Scott Wolf says:

    Very nice guys. We are a classy bunch.

  2. Andrew Cass says:

    Well it looks like my goal to start a gonorrhea tag failed. There’s always next month…

  3. Rebecca says:

    Haha, well, Powers was in charge of selecting the 10 phunny things this month from the submissions. And we all know he’s got this crazy aversion to gonorrhea…