Video: How to make a Phroth


  1. Brandon says:

    Who is holding back old Phroth Philms and not putting them on YouTube immediately? Injustice I say! Let Mirth Prevail!!!

  2. rebecca says:

    We made it last year but it was kinda rough around the edges (in case you didn’t notice, Zach comes out of nowhere) so we ended up going with that animated Phroth promo with the plan of finalizing this one sometime this year. Clearly, that never happened, and when I found the video on my computer I thought it had its own clusterfucky charm so I figured I’d post it.

  3. Brandon says:

    I really liked this one. Some spots were a bit rough… some jokes worked better than others… but overall, I thought it was solid. I enjoy the clusterfucky oddness of everything!